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Victory of Light Expo; April 5 & 6, 2014 - Photos


- Our beautiful VOLP banner! -
- VOLP mediums Garry & Shelly had a BUSY weekend, reading for clients one after the other all weekend long! -

- Our PACKED presentation, "Ask a Paranormal Investigator!" -
Presented by VOLP members Victor, Shelly, Garry, Taryn, & Johnathan

- Our Booth! -
VOLP members Cody, Garry, & Mike chit-chatting, getting ready for the crowds!

- VOLP's Victor & Shelly were on the Fox 19 morning news Sunday morning promoting the event! -
- We love these people! -
 On the left; NightShade Paranormal Research Group members Marcia, Laura, & Crystal
In the middle; VOLP members Taryn, Shelly, John (and Garry on the right, Aubrey - Shelly's daughter - in the front)
On the right; Shadow Hunter's members Robert & Lori Dennon & their son

- VOLP member Shelly is also the Social Media Guru for the Victory of Light Expo, so here are a few other photos she shot over the weekend! Enjoy! -

- Our para-family! -
Marcia Treadway of NightShade Paranormal with Johnathan of VOLP.
Shelly of VOLP with Laura Martin & Crystal Turner of NightShade Paranormal.

- Laura, Marcia, Shelly, and Aubrey (... looking like Carl from Walking Dead!) -  
 *** What an amazing weekend! ***
Another amazing Victory of Light Expo!!
Thanks who all who stopped by our booth, tried our Raven's Brew Coffee, entered our raffle, signed up for readings with Garry & Shelly, and/or attended our seminar! You guys are amazing! <3
See you in November!
(PS.... A HUGE thank you to our good friends & para-family of NPRS - Laura & Marcia - for sharing these photos with us! We love you guys!)

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Huber Heights Residential - Medium Review 1.20.14

Medium Review: 1/20/14
- Huber Heights Residential - 
By: VOLP Medium, Garry Fox

*Those attending : Garry Fox (Victory of Light Paranormal Medium), Marcia Treadway (Guest Investigator - NightShade Paranormal Research Society), and the homeowner.
We were asked to come do a walkthrough of this home as the homeowner was preparing it to move in after they had decided to use it as their residence. She had felt a presence there and wanted to see what it was all about. The home located in Huber Heights has been a home that I have driven by for years. I always had a draw to this home and was curious what it held for me there. So getting to investigate there was a real pleasure.

Upon meeting the home owner outside we all entered. After introductions I began to feel that spirits were attempting to connect. I get a tingling sensation on the back of my head that travels down my neck when spirits are attempting to make themselves known to me. I was experiencing this as I was talking to the homeowner. I asked her if minded that I read her throughout the tour as sometimes things jump from the house to individuals for me. She agreed. Attention soon turned to her with a mix of my surroundings. I felt she had 2 sons and a 3rd child in spirit which was correct. I was also seeing her current residence but did not discuss this at that time. I was getting a large white dog I felt was associated with her like a Newfoundland but she could not connect this. This could have been coming from the home .
I began at this point to walk around the home, walking through  I was drawn to the oldest portion of the home first. The home has been added on to multiple times over the years. I told her I was feeling a mixture of eras and family dynamics and it felt as though all the spirits that visit there were vying for who was going to talk first. When I walked to the living room facing the front of the house I placed my hand on the mantle of the fireplace on that side. I was being made to feel sad by a young mother possibly in her 30’s that had died from an accident possibly involving a carriage. I also so was thrust to a more modern day time and I felt Christmas traditions with the family tree by the front side window to the right of the fireplace. Later when we were all in this room together, Marcia just blurts out when I was standing in the spot I felt the tree, “So where will you put your tree?”
I went to the basement next and that is where I was introduced to a man in his late 60’s who I felt had passed with heart issues. He was  taller than me dark hair combed back and was overweight . He made me see that he and his wife had moved in to the home in the 70’s and had stayed many years probably over 30 years. I felt they had a daughter and they were the ones who had added on to the back of the home using it to entertain and were very social. Beth the homeowner did confirm that a couple had lived here during those times and he was a Dr. and had done most of the renovations.
I also felt a family connection to this home and possibly some of the family line that had owned the Carriage Hill metro park property area. I was given the names “Sullivan”,”Palmer” and “Stanley” at this time.
While looking again out the window to the left of the fireplace mentioned before I felt there was a structure there possibly a barn or chicken coup. I also felt after walking outside later that a fire had destroyed more than one structure in this area. I asked if there was a barn foundation on the rear of the property while still inside and the homeowner confirmed there was. I was shown a large barn one of several structures on the property that are gone now.

At the base of the stairs getting ready to approach the second floor I was again seeing different eras. I frequently am shown a “video” blip of sorts of activity that has occurred over the years. I was seeing a woman descending the stairs in a long early 1800’s dress and children dressed in 1940’s attire racing up the stairs. Before climbing the stairs I often play  a little game with the spirits I am encountering to get a feel for the connection we have. I asked if someone could show me what I would find on this floor and I was shown a small room with attic access with very steep painted steps. I was given nails many driven to hang food items to dry there and a chimney. I initially said the chimney had nails in it but when entering the attic we found rows of old nails in the rafters just beyond the top of the narrow steep painted stairs. There were none on the chimney that I could see. As far as the attic access being in a small room, I do believe that before the bath room was added there was a different configuration of rooms up there. I also was seeing a pale yellow room that may have had the attic stairs in them. The back side of the attic stairs could be seen from a closet in the bedroom under them. They were papered in blue floral paper. I asked the homeowner if she planned on removing it as I felt there were some signatures and dates under it in pencil or carved. This same room I got a feeling of travelers staying there. Like the home was a  greeting point, for weary travelers. The homeowner informed me that an old inn had been next door to the property and that could have been where this energy was being perceived.
In the gray bedroom with the white fireplace with the small cabinet over the opening I felt I was experiencing seeing the energy of a young girl about 16 years of age whom had the responsibility of caring for many of her siblings. I feel a connection to the woman downstairs that had passed in the accident and left her kids. It felt like she was left to be their mother when their mother passed. I felt like there were many kids and an infant in her care.

We did return to the downstairs and just after setting foot back on the ground floor at the base of the steps I felt I was seeing the home as it was when it was the first original structure. It felt as if this room was the kitchen with a large fireplace on the wall opposite the current kitchen. I felt there was a large planked porch covered on the back and about where the ceramic tile starts in the new kitchen was a well with a sidewalk leading back to the porch. There was a hand pump there also. We walked out the side concrete porch and I heard “cistern” I looked to the left and there was a cistern. I asked Marcia to tag this on audio as it was very clear for me and possibly she may have been able to capture it on her recorder.
We returned inside the home and I discussed with the homeowner that I felt her home was filled with great family memories and it is a place that spirits visit to relive the happy times in their lives. I did not sense a feeling of negativity. I did suggest that a saging and an ownership prayer and asking for blessings for the home is a good idea when moving into anew home. She agreed. She had expressed that she felt she was intuitive and sensed spirit presence probably more than her spouse. I had encouraged her to acknowledge when these presences were felt and share the home but with an understanding that it was hers for this time in history. She voiced understanding.

We left the home excited to find what we captured on video and pictures. See web site in the next few weeks for any evidence documented there. 

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Photos: Victory of Light Expo 11.23.13 - 11.24.13

Victory of Light Paranormal at the Victory of Light Expo
Sharonville, Ohio
November 23-24, 2013
(Click to enlarge any photo.)
Above: VOLP members Johnathan Brown, Jon Greene, & Cody Kost pose for a picture with our booth Saturday morning before the expo began.
Above: Our para-corner! Alongside our friends at Shadow Hunters Paranormal.
(Pictured Left to Right: Cindi, Connie, Taryn, Cody, Jon,  & Robert and Lori of Shadow Hunters.)
Above: VOLP partnered with Robyn's Nest Animal Rescue to help find some adorable furry friends some furever homes!
Above: As always, our free samples of Raven's Brew coffee were a huge hit!
Above: Many people stopped by to fill out our investigation request forms.
Above & Below: VOLP member, Shelly, gave several readings over the course of the weekend.
Above: A photo submitted to us by some lovely people that stopped by our booth to share. The photo has been lightened to show greater detail of what they captured... interesting!
Above: Another amazing photo a guest of our "Ask a Paranormal Investigator" presentation Sunday afternoon, Mike Siemer, shared with us. This is a "Class A" photo, for sure. Tell me what you see...?
Above:  VOLP member and founder of the Victory of Light Expo, Victor Paruta with world-renowned psychic medium, Patricia Mischell, who made a rare public appearance at VOL this weekend. 
Above: A guest speaking with Johnathan about what we do & how we help people.
Above: A guest reading through samples of our blog we printed out and had on our table for guests to read. (Big hit!)
PS... someone stole one of our printed blogs! We know they're good, but geez.. no need to steal... ;)
Above: The crowd in front of the VOLP booth.
*Please visit the Victory of Light Expo facebook page to see many, many more amazing photos taken & posted by VOLP member  (as well as the Social Networker for the Victory of Light Expo), Shelly Moore Caron.

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Sedamsville Rectory

Sedamsville Rectory - By Johnathan Brown
Sedamsville Rectory 
639 Steiner Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

 I drove down to Sedamsville with a long time friend of mine, Brendan. We were the first to arrive so we had the privilege of being the first inside of the Rectory. Immediately after entering you could feel the energy within the building. Having been here before I could feel the difference from arriving first as opposed to coming in with a group already there.
We decided to set our equipment in the break area and make our rounds throughout the building. Grabbing my digital recorder we went straight for the basement.  The decline of the basement steps always made the transition from the first floor to the basement challenging, not to mention the low ceiling that provided the opportunity to bust your head.  Down in the basement we began to feel the place out.

I didn’t feel too much outside of the usual chill when making the rounds in a place like this. In the room to the right there was a dog cage. If you knew the history of the place you knew exactly why it was there. Personally, I did not see the point outside of the ‘thrill’ factor, which I never agree with.  From there we made our way over to the side room. In this room is where the energy really began to pick up for me. The slight chill turned into a tingling sensation on my skin. We looked over our surroundings and I immediately began to feel energy towards my back. Behind me was the other part of the basement. The boiler and a room further into the back.

I wanted to make sure that this ‘tingle’ wasn’t a result of high EMF. I began to do K2 readings of the basement and found that near the boiler the K2 spiked. The surrounding area did not carry as much of the charge as the K2 lost that spike. The back room was a rectangle shaped room with old wood planks and junk pilled in it.  When you passed the threshold of the room the energy hit you. I really felt something was up with this room and knew we’d get something good.
We didn’t spend much more time in the basement of the Rectory. We made our way upstairs and began to feel the place out. While touring the Rectory we did notice that they had pictures posted throughout the home that listed what prior paranormal investigators had found while investigating. I ignored them, asked that they all be removed and placed on the ground, facing the wall. This is something I personally frown upon. The intention of coming into these places is to investigate and find what we can. Having pictures that hang on the wall telling what ‘may’ have been found creates a false lead for an investigator. Considering that the majority of the claims revolve around negative entities within the site. Not to mention we had mediums that would be coming into the home.

Soon after Brendan and I finished the initial walkthrough and the rest of the investigators arrived. We all knew the night would be very exciting. From there we broke into groups. I started with Jon Greene and his team in the attic. There Jon was communicating with a child spirit. During his conversation I was recording and heard a response to one of his questions.  I couldn’t make it out but upon review I heard a clear response. They used some of the toys to see if they could get any of them to move in response to Jon’s questions. We continued asking questions and at one point we decided to run a Spirit Box session.  We got a few responses there but overall we kept this line of communication very short. Eventually communication with these spirits faded and we moved to our next area of the Rectory.
Typically we take small breaks to communicate with everyone between investigation spots. Since Victor was coming to the Rectory and his birthday was a few days ago. We decided to get him a little birthday cake. It wasn’t the best cake in the world but something we decided would be nice to get.  Unofficially Victor turned “?”. So we had a bit of cake and snacks and exchanged what we were picking up so far. While I was taking pictures of our little paw-wow I noticed a few odd occurrences passing by the camera. I showed Robert from Shadow Hunters and we both came to the conclusion that it was nothing more than dust.

During this break, Lori and Victor spoke about a priest they had picked up on. They felt he wasn’t the nicest person and did some unspeakable things. Lori felt that the priest was abusing young men. From what I recall they felt he had a very strong presence inside the building. He wasn’t from the time when the animal abuse occurred in the home but from a time before that. The priest was very stand-offish towards the mediums.
From here we all decided that we would head up to the room that had the rocking chair and see if we could get the priest to present himself. Everyone sat around the room, some of us in chairs, some on the floor. I wanted to use the rocking chair as the trigger object. I thought it should be the focus of the session. I wanted to welcome any spirit who came to have a seat and speak with us. So we set up some equipment on the rocking chair and began a session in which we asked the spirit of the priest to come and speak to us. The majority of our questions focused on who he was, if he really did these things to the children and what his mind set was. Throughout the questioning we had some responses but in the end I began to feel as if he felt that he didn’t have to answer any of our questions, this was his home and so he lost interest.

Later in the night we took a group of investigations consisting of Dave, Robert, Taryn and her sister into the basement to conduct a few EVP sessions. We began with a typical EVP session. I greeted the spirits and let them know who I was. I then told them what my intentions were and how they could communicate with me. Next I let them know I would be using EVP Maker, a program that takes utterances, raw sounds and allophones randomizing them so that spirit can use them to create words. Once this was done I started the EVP Maker and began to ask for the Guardian Spirit of the Rectory. After letting the EVP Maker play for a moment we reviewed the audio and found that it said “I am Oracle” in response to the questions of “Who are you?” We all found this very surprising and continue the session where Robert asked “If you’re who you say you are. Do you know who the president is?” the response through EVP Maker was “I do. Get out of here.” This was equally surprising as well as many other responses. After this a Spirit Box session was started and I dismissed myself from the session to relax upstairs with the remaining members.
Overall the night was a blast. The Sedamsville Rectory’s staff was very accommodating and the site has been very well taken care of. I hope to see more improvements to the site as more and more Paranormal teams make their way through the home. I also hope that the spirits of the animals and people inside the home find peace sooner, rather than later.

Bellbrook Ghost Walk 10.19.13



Barnes Building - Medium Review 10.24.13

-Barnes Building - Medium Reviews - Garry Fox-

-Initial Walk-Through-
(Note: Garry wrote this prior to the actual investigation.)

We entered through the main doors and started walking towards the left. We entered a corridor with lockers on both sides. When we passed through to this section I sensed a spirit behind us. I stopped and closed my eyes allowing her to present. She was a young girl about 17 or so wearing a sweater full plaid skirt and had her hair up in a high ponytail. She looked to be about 50's era. She walked with us for a few minutes carrying her books with her arms wrapped around them close to her chest. She was very sweet and was a little shy. She did not want to walk with us or beside us. I said, "Lets go this way," pointing to a hallway to our right. She said, "No that's boys only!" I told Betsey and John what she had said - Betsey went ahead followed by us and found it to be the hall to the entrance to the boys locker room!

She was encouraged to go with us and was giggling shyly as we entered. Betsey assured her it was ok since she was a girl too. She stayed with us until we got to the bathroom part and saw the urinals and she started to hurry back to the door giggling saying, "We are going to get in trouble!"

We left back to the door and she again resumed following us. We stopped at one point and I asked her to yell her name in the loudest cheerleader voice she could do. I told John I thought she said "Rosemary." I told her of a game I like to play where I like to find something that they tell me I am going to see. She co-operated showing me in my minds eye a wooden double door with windows over the top that had small wooden panes in them. I told Betsey and John what she said and I felt it was in the direction we were going. As we approached the front of the school we saw a large double door with a window over head. They were newer and aluminum. Betsey saw a large 1920's era picture on the wall behind me and we looked at the door of the front of the school where we were standing and it was wooden with a large window with small panes over head! She was seeing it as it was not as it is today something many spirits have told me they do.

We went to the gym and she followed us in there and said, "Mr. Clark is dreamy!" I felt like she was speaking of a gym teacher with dark hair and tall. She showed me his image but he did not present for me. We then went to down to a dressing room under the stage. Her energy did not follow us there and she was gone. I felt as if she was our hostess and she would have introduced us to many more Fairmont figures had we had time.

You can feel the history and energies there when you enter. I suggest everyone take a moment to center and ground themselves before entering. I think if you just go in like gangbusters looking about you will not be met as well as if you go in with your "eye" open. I don't know why this feels this way it just does for me. Since it was built in 1929 I feel we should all be conscious of the eras that followed when things were more conservative and if we want to engage these spirits they will need to sense a feeling of respect and like mindedness with us. I am looking forward to this one guys!! Bigtime!



Medium Review 10/24/13
The Barnes Building
Shadow hunters, Midnight Shadows, Project Paranormal
Investigators: Betsey, John B., Dave Margerum,Taryn
Mediums: Garry and Jon G.

This investigation was our joint event with the Rosewood Arts Centre called “Paranormal Kettering”. After meeting those attending we were taken on a building tour by John B. John, Betsey and myself had taken a 30 minute tour some weeks ago when I met a young female spirit who was a tour guide of sorts and stayed with us most of the time we were there. She presented briefly for me at the end of a hallway and just waved and smiled a bit then she was gone. This is the main reason I do not like to go to a location prior to an investigation. Sometimes for me if a spirit presents during a walk through they may or may not present again for me which I feel does take some of the fun out of the actual investigation. 
As we were preparing to go on our tour I had walked up the balcony stairs a bit to ground myself and get in the “zone” when I was met by several students rushing down the stairs. I felt they were residual energies as they were not acknowledging me. They seemed to be paler in comparison to
one young male about 16 or so in a loud yellow button down sweater and dark hair. He was emoting rather heavily and being a character, waving his hands and attempting to blend in with the residual energies. He then looked and said “you can see me?” I said yes and he was making me smile with his goofy presentation and then he did something I had never seen before. He began walking up the wall and yelling loudly and laughing and saying “ CAN YOU SEE ME NOW? Then he was gone. I was smiling to myself when John noticed and I said “ we are going to have fun!

We broke into groups and I was with Dave Jones and our students we went to the auditorium. I was met with a woman in her 60’s center stage. She was dressed in early 50’s dress and with her hands behind her back and in front of the microphone she was tapping asking if it was on. One of the students at the same time got a word on her Ghost Radar that said “electricity”. She was attempting to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” and started it several times and then vanished. I then went to the right of the stage from by the side door and was met by a young girl who walked off the stage and down the aisle towards the back of the auditorium. She said she was graduating and was doing this routine over and over. She said this was the highlight of her life, graduating high school and that she had died soon thereafter from a brain disease . I was experiencing sharp head pains as she was making me feel what she went through. I heard her name as “Peggy” and she had dark hair and cat eye glasses. I felt she looked to be in the 50’s era as well. She did not have on a cap and gown. I wondered if they did not do this tradition in that time. She stayed with me for some time and I was feeling very sad for her. 
I then went up to the balcony area and saw 3 girls looking out of the small windows at some boys running what appeared to be ladies underwear, up the flagpole. When we all went up there together again the Ghost Radar said “corset” .I also saw a male spirit who was a teacher “guarding” the exit door to the balcony hallway so as to keep anyone from leaving the assembly. He did not speak or acknowledge me possibly residual energy.

We went downstairs with John B. then and split the group some staying in the auditorium and some going down below to the basement. When we arrived I started seeing a man with one of the students. He was recently passed and I felt he was his cousin or brother. He showed me that he was in Viet Nam when he was in his mid 20’s. The guest confirmed that he had just lost his cousin a few weeks before and that he had been in Viet Nam at that age. The spirit also told me he had a daughter which the guest confirmed and I felt he had a daughter in spirit perhaps a miscarriage that the guest was unable to validate.

Next we went to the weight room. I met 3 male spirits in there. They were dressed in football uniforms and in describing the colors I was told they sounded to be Centerville. One spirit was talking and was very clear the other two were faint and were not acknowledging me. I came to be aware that the one male who was talking to me was tall and stocky with dark brown hair and darker skin like and Italian heritage. He told me they had won the game but afterwards they were in a car accident where he was killed but his 2 friends survived. He stated that he wanted us to tell his mom he was ok. He gave me the impression that it was late 1990’s or early 2000. Before he left he said “west”. I don’t know if this was a name or what .

Becky approached me at break time and stated that 2 women in her group wanted to speak to me. I was only told that they went to school there . I went to the weight room where group was next and met the two women. I was immediately told by spirit which woman had a message coming and after we were introduced she validated that she was the one wishing to see me. I was taken by them to the girls locker room and they sat on the benches in front of the showers. I joined them there and was not told why they wanted to meet there. I asked to hold her ring and began connecting. I saw her lying on the floor as a young girl and asked her if she had had a seizure in the locker room . She stated no. I also asked if she had been bullied when she was on the floor and she half said yes. I then was given that she had received some very bad news while she was sitting on that bench as a young girl, I told her I felt it was news of her father being shot which she ,now crying, validated. I felt that he had also been robbed and she validated that as well. Her father was presenting to me now and appeared to be a very quiet tall man with thick slicked back hair. He stated that she felt she didn’t get to tell him how she felt about the circumstances surrounding his death and that it was ok that he knows. She did confirmed that the bullying and her being on the floor was an accurate description of the event in which she was uncaringly told of this tragedy by a female gym teacher. She blurted out the news to her and all the other girls were gawking at her as she broke down. She described it was very traumatic and one of the reasons she wanted to attend. She needed to get some resolution. There were some very private aspects of his death that I wont’ go into that caused a lot of emotional pain for her. She asked if her father was with her and he confirmed personal details about her family dynamics and marriage history that happened after his death. This was confirmation for her that he was indeed involved in her life after his death. 
One of the female students in this same group confirmed when we went into the small auditorium I saw residual of girls dancing. She stated that they had dances in this room. 
When I went up to the 2nd floor with another group I met briefly a male teacher in room 204 .He had on a brown suit and tortoise shell glasses. He did not interact. I felt room 200 was used for band or music class. 
One of the students in this group asked me if I saw her brother with her who died recently. After tuning in I saw a slender man who was sick chronically for years with a “C” disease I thought might be cerebral palsy. She stated that it was Chron’s disease. I saw him as very heavy then as slim and this is how he wanted to present. She stated that he was slim most of his life which he liked but had gained a lot of weight after receiving a liver transplant. She stated that she often feels his presence and wonders if he is around. I asked him to tell me something that his sister had been doing lately. He told me she had a garage sale recently and that selling his collection of archery equipment was an issue. She stated that she had had a garage sale and that she debated about selling his archery equipment but couldn’t bring herself to do so since he loved them. He joked to me that “she had better not!”This was validation for her that he does visit and is aware of what she is doing in her life without him since his death which she found very comforting.

As is the norm I have found, spirits are very transient. I usually meet spirits indigenous to the locale where we are . I also have had experience with spirits that are around those in attendance and they seem to know when there is someone around that can relay a message to their loved ones.

Overall, it was a great time for the students and for us. I met some interesting spirits that were associated with the school and with those attending the class. And I also met a lot of living folks that made the night a great experience!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Follow-up Investigation: Middletown Business 8.17.11

Middletown, Ohio Business - Follow-up Investigation
(Owner has asked to remain anonymous.)
Date: 8.17.13
VOLP Investigators Attending:
Victor, Johnathan, Shelly, Jon, Taryn, & Connie
(Above: Found this not-so-little beauty guarding the door of the business we investigated tonight in Middletown... beautiful and horrifying all wrapped up into one little eight-legged package.)


Because this business owner would like us to keep the location anonymous, as always we respect her wishes, so we do not have many photos to share with you.

However, I am able to tell you that our mediums were able to clear this location of all negative entities & energy, and smudge the location to remove all negative/stagnant energy.

Because of the nature of this business, we made sure the owner was made very aware of the fact that this building will always be a revolving door of energetic phenomena, but as long as we keep the 'ugly' out, she has agreed to peacefully co-exist with any positive energies that wish to share her space with her.